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Team TIPCO Spotlight: TIPCO West

This week, the Team TIPCO Employee Spotlight shines on our West Coast Team: Josh Huffaker, Jill Meyer and Jeremy Schmidt. A small but mighty crew, TIPCO’s West Coast office is a unique find in our industry.

Located in sunny San Diego, California, the West Coast team often uses the time zone to their benefit. “When business closes, it’s only 2pm our time,” says Josh. “This allows us to follow up on any backorders for the day and do any software updates if needed.”

Besides the ideal location and the hardworking staff, TIPCO’s west coast operations are pivotal to the company. Not only do they sell the TIPCO product, but they also consult their customers’ businesses to help them grow.

Josh, director of supply chain and analytics, leads the team, marking this as his seventh year working at TIPCO. His diverse background in coding, analytics, supply chain and statistics proves that he is a great asset and multi-faceted leader for TIPCO West.

While Josh is kept busy on the job, on his off-time, he finds himself golfing or playing with his two daughters.

Next up is Jill! She is TIPCO West’s supply chain specialist and has been a member of Team TIPCO since 2016. “On a typical day,” she says, “I confirm purchase orders, check costs and update vendor ship dates. I also follow up on past due orders and notify the sales team of price changes.”

Jill is always on the go, helping her customers and her colleagues. She says, “It is my top priority to make sure that parts are ordered correctly and here in time for our customers’ needs.”

Conveniently close to the west coast, Jill’s favorite color is ocean blue. Wonder where she got that inspiration?

Jeremy is the newest member of the team, having joined TIPCO West in February 2018. A recent economics graduate from the University of California-San Diego, Jeremy’s expertise has helped him master the challenges of a supply chain analyst.

In his own words, Jeremy describes his work as different every day, stating, “The only constant as I grow into my position is that my superiors will continue to challenge me with increasingly complex tasks and encourage my progress.”

Despite being on the other side of the country, TIPCO West shares an appreciation for the company culture at TIPCO. They believe that TIPCO truly takes cares of its employees and makes them feel like part of a team.

“It’s a little cliché, but it’s true. It’s the people and the environment,” says Jeremy. “I wasn’t aware until my visit to Owings Mills in April, but we truly have a great team that is like a family.”

Our friends out in San Diego are all wonderful additions to Team TIPCO. We want to thank them for all their hard work – without them, our business would not be the same!

TIPCO Technologies - 11-Jul-2018