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Premium Supplier Spotlight – Rubber Fab

Rubber Fab Technologies Group

Founded in 1995 by Robert Dupont, Sr. and Patrick Parisi in Andover, NJ, Rubber Fab Technologies Group manufactures, markets, and sells high-quality sanitary gaskets, hose assemblies, pumps, tubing, and filler machine compounds. Rubber Fab’s first product that went to market was the Smart Gasket, which is still wildly popular with helping collect thermal mapping information. Ever since then, Rubber Fab has grown exponentially. The company has been an integral part of the TIPCO family since 2005.

In 2008, Rubber Fab outgrew the Andover property and moved to a new building in Sparta, NJ to expand their resources and create new and innovative products, including their PATENTED Detectomer® line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable products. In 2016, Rubber Fab became part of the Garlock family of companies in an acquisition with parent company EnPro Industries.

“Our favorite part about doing business with TIPCO is working with the people. All of the TIPCO Associates represent us in a professional manner and are a pleasure to deal with,”

said John Jago, Regional Sales Manager at Rubber Fab.

TIPCO and Rubber Fab work hand in hand to create a positive business path and work relationship.

“Both companies use an innovative approach, using innovative products, to solve our customer’s problems and issues,”

John said.

As TIPCO and Rubber Fab grow, the companies look forward to staying connected for years to come.

TIPCO Technologies - 23-Jul-2019