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Premier Supplier Spotlight: Teadit North America – A Promise of Excellence


At TIPCO Technologies, we promise our customers three things: cost-effective, application specific solutions; enhanced, long-lasting performance; and world-class customer service. When it comes to the sealing products industry, no company embodies these values more than our partner and Premier Supplier Spotlight: Teadit North America!

Better Together
Completing our third year as Fluid Sealing Partners, Teadit North America and TIPCO work together openly to help our customers succeed. Whether it’s a routine procedure or an urgent problem, we combine our sealing expertise to provide the best possible solution (and on-site assistance, when required). Additionally, the sales forces at TIPCO and Teadit are always collaborating to bring our clients the perfect product at the best value.

Access to the Best
Our partnership with Teadit provides us access to the full portfolio of Teadit North America products, including:

  • Standard Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Compression Packing
  • Tealon
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet

TIPCO’s Fabrication Facility in Glen Burnie has full capability to fabricate Teadit gaskets with a quick turnaround, and all their highest-demand sheet products are stocked in popular 1/16” and 1/8” thicknesses.

Looking Ahead
As partners, TIPCO and Teadit have many more years of excellence ahead. In the future, TIPCO is geographically and strategically positioned in the Mid-Atlantic to become the major source of internationally-recognized Teadit Fluid Sealing products.

One final word from Chris Day, President of Teadit North America, describes the pride both companies have in our shared values:

TIPCO represents the foundational fiber that we feel Teadit has been built on. They have extraordinary customer service, deep quality orientation, and a strong drive to provide value through every step of the supply chain. We know how dedicated TIPCO is to making a difference in the market, and that is why Teadit is aligned with them to provide the ultimate in sealing solutions. I’m proud of our association with TIPCO and look forward to a great future together.
- Chris Day, President of Teadit North America

TIPCO Tech - 25-Sep-2018