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Premier Supplier Spotlight: Campbell Fittings – Innovation for All

Progress cannot happen without innovation, and the flexible solutions industry is no exception. At TIPCO Technologies, we know how important it is to our customers that the products they rely on are constantly being improved for safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s why TIPCO is proud to partner with Campbell Fittings! For more than 30 years, Campbell has shared our dedication to creativity and challenging the status quo. Working together as family-owned and operated companies, we provide customers with the absolute best fitting and coupling technologies available.

Fresh Technology
Our partnership allows TIPCO to carry a wide range of Campbell’s couplings, fittings, ferrules and sleeves. Most importantly, TIPCO employees are all trained and certified in Campbell’s unique hose assembly procedure, CrimpnologyTM. Crimpnology has been engineered to provide the safest hose systems in the industry, and we strongly recommend the procedure to every customer to minimize risk and ensure the safety of their operations.

Looking to the Future
With our mutual focus on customer welfare and constant improvement, the future has a great deal in store for TIPCO and Campbell Fittings.

“My hope is to work together and find a balance between the two fastest-growing topics in our industry: Performance and Safety. Our industry demands a high level of expertise. We are dealing with dangerous applications.
We need to work together to fulfill both needs in the best way possible.”Tom Paff, Jr., Hose Systems Specialist at Campbell, shares his specific goals:

The commitment to industry excellence shared by TIPCO Technologies and Campbell Fittings is sure to carry us through many more years of partnership. We’re excited to see where our innovations take us (and our customers) next!

TIPCO Technologies - 16-May-2018