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Premier Supplier Spotlight: Adaptall: Metrics Made Easy

Premier Supplier - AdaptallAt TIPCO Technologies, we pride ourselves on making our customers’ jobs – and lives – as easy as possible. Sometimes, we have our partners to thank for making life easier on us.

That’s why we’re proud to have a strategic partnership with Adaptall brand Metric conversion adapters and tube fittings. Since 2010, Adaptall has helped us become an industry leader in terms of inventory and customer solutions. Here are some of the ways Adaptall has increased our capabilities:

Greater Selection
Adaptall specializes in hydraulic adapter and fitting conversion between International and American thread types. Our partnership allows us to supply the region’s most comprehensive Metric inventory, giving our customers access to Metric-specific brands such as Metric DIN, British, JIS, Kobelco and Komatsu. This increases our ability to provide Metric solutions with ease, including:

  • Banjo Adapters
  • DIN Tube Fittings
  • Conversion Adapters
  • Tread Adapters
  • Tread ID Kits
  • Cap and Plug

Multi-Industry Benefits
We understand that hydraulic hoses are essential to countless industries, and we strive to serve all of them to the best of our ability. Adaptall allows us to expand our reach across industries that rely on Metric solutions, including (but not limited to) construction, mining and aggregates, pulp and paper, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial, marine, aerospace and military applications.

TIPCO’s gratitude toward Adaptall is summed up perfectly here by Rob Lyons:

"Prior to entering our partnership with Adaptall, our metric offering was undefined, confusing, and less than TIPCO's standard of service excellence... After partnering, our value proposition to the customer base has increased dramatically... TIPCO Technologies is proud to call Adaptall a partner!"

For more information on our Adaptall partnership and products, contact us here!

TIPCO Technologies - 05-Mar-2018