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Increase Productivity With the Wingstyle Hydraulic Quick Disconnect

Increase Productivity With the Wingstyle Hydraulic Quick Disconnect We’re living in an ever-more productive world where efficiency and speed is of the highest importance and deadlines rapidly approach. As construction demands increase, construction companies need to maintain safe standards while still working productively and efficiently. Consider a specific area of a job site, such as a hydraulic submersible pump that pumps water out of an excavated hole and into a dump trailer. Both components, the pump and the trailer, play a critical role in the efficiency of production – if either system fails, the whole operation will drastically slow. Now, introduce the wingstyle hydraulic quick disconnect coupling, a device that quickly allows the pump head to be attached to the power unit and the trailer to the truck without spilling hydraulic oil.

  • Benefits
    If you’re connecting and disconnecting a hose or tube in a fluid power system more than once a week, a quick acting coupling like the wingstyle hydraulic will quickly pay for itself and greatly improve productivity. It’s as easy to use as connecting electrical equipment for operation, and as a result, they increase the output of the system reduce the time its dormant. In a hydraulic system, they eliminate the need for screws and valves, and save an immense amount of time for initial installation and maintenance. Such couplings like the wingstyle have precise specifications that allow them to perfectly fit into any system. Most importantly however, they’ll prevent the spillage and leakage of valuable and dangerous liquids and other chemicals.

  • Applications
    The wingstyle hydraulic is often found in any type of distribution system, such as that for water, oil, steam, vacuum, air, etc. They’re essential for any type of fluid that flows through a line, and will save a massive amount of money for any system that being connected and disconnected often. A common application is at assembly workstations, where a worker may have to constantly switch from an impact wrench to a riveter to a drill. With a quick acting coupling on every tool, and the mating half on the other line, the worker can change tools in seconds. Eliminate the couplings, and different air lines would be needed for all three tools.

Here at TIPCO, we are proud to offer the wingstyle coupling to suit any of your quick connection needs. Feel free to give us a call today if you have any questions about the wingstyle coupling or couplings in general.

TIPCO Technologies - 11-Apr-2018