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Campbell UniversaLock Couplings: Safety and Saving

Campbell FittingsAir hose couplings may be a comparatively small piece of your industrial operation, but when they fail you, the consequences can be catastrophic to your wallet – or worse, your employees. TIPCO Technologies makes a promise to our customers to protect both their business and their safety by providing the most reliable air hose products on the market.

Campbell UniversaLock Couplings With that promise in mind, TIPCO is proud to carry UniversaLock Couplings from Campbell Fittings, the creators of the Crimpnology TM fitting procedure. Here’s how this incredible technology can help you keep your operation safe, efficient and cost-effective:

No Pins, No Problem
Even the most cognizant industrial professionals find themselves in violation of OSHA and MSHA regulations for simple reasons – including missing pins in their couplings. When the OSHA fine for a missing pin is $800 per infraction, why risk a significant financial loss? UniversaLock Couplings are designed to be OSHA and MSHA compliant without pins, ensuring that you never receive an unpleasant surprise during an inspection.

First in Safety
As any professional knows, a leaking air hose isn’t just inefficient: it’s extremely dangerous, and it can cause bodily harm to you or your employees. UniversaLock Couplings include the type of innovative safety features one can expect from Campbell Fittings, such as:

  • Automatic Lock Capabilities into any universal-style coupling you may have.
  • Crimpnology TM Hose Ends for the ultimate in safe hose retention and pressure endurance.
  • ASTM A536 Ductile Iron Manufacturing for unmatched strength and durability.

Additionally, UniversaLock Couplings are available with the first-ever bright yellow “Nitrogen-Only” Warning Rings, ensuring safe hose differentiation for hoses that carry volatile nitrogen. This unique design is the most effective method available for avoiding a deadly nitrogen accident in your plant.


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TIPCO Technologies - 22-May-2018