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4 Benefits of Using Quick Disconnect and Turbo Nozzles

TIPCO Technologies is proud to introduce the easiest, most effective power washing tools on the market today: Quick Disconnect and Turbo nozzles! At TIPCO, we always provide our customers with the best, and these products are no exception – they’ll leave your stained items spotless, andget the job done in no time at all!

Here are 4 reasons why Quick Disconnect and Turbo nozzles are the best power washers for you:


Up for Any Task. The main attribute of these pressure washers is the ability to mix and match different-sized bodies and nozzle tips to get the exact performance and response you need to complete any task, no matter your industry.


Adjustable for Performance. With such a variety of sized nozzles to attach, you can easily switch from a light wash to a deep power cleanse. The Quick Disconnect can be directly attached to a spray gun, producing a light and consistent clean. On the other hand, the Turbo nozzle rotates water in a concentrated spiral, providing an intense clean for tough stains.


Reliable for Use. Not only will these tools help you get the job done efficiently, they will also shield against overall damage. While washing large areas such as stained decks, spotted cars, and fragile surfaces, both Quick Disconnect and Turbo nozzles make your job easy and clean your items safely.


Easy to Store. Do you like your garage or storage area spacious and well-organized? With the Quick Disconnect or Turbo nozzle, you can easily separate and compact each nozzle and connecter into a contained area. You will not only keep the nozzles’ quality, but also keep your space free from unnecessary clutter!

In order to have the ideal Quick Disconnect and Turbo experience, it’s essential to have all the necessary support fittings. Here’s a quick guide to get started:

  • A Quick Disconnect nozzle inserted directly into a spray gun will require a 1/4" male thread x 1/4” body size Quick Disconnect coupler.
  • The Quick Disconnect nozzle plugged into a wand will require a 1/4" female thread x 1/4" body size Quick Disconnect coupler.
  • The Turbo nozzles come with a 1/4" male x 1/4" body size Quick Disconnect plug but would require the 1/4" male thread x 1/4” body size Quick Disconnect coupler.
  • The Turbo nozzle can be screwed directly onto the wands.

Don’t settle for an expensive, inefficient cleanse! Start using Quick Disconnect and Turbo nozzles today – we know our customers will see the difference!


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TIPCO Technologies - 26-Feb-2019